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Author based in Cornwall UK

Rosemary Aitken also writes as Rosemary Rowe and Brenda Lacey

The Cornish Sagas

Absorbing stories of a tin-mining community

The village of "Penvarris" in Cornwall is the setting for this series of books. more >>>>>>

  • A Cornish Maid
  • From Penvarris With Love
  • The Girl from Penvarris
  • The Tinner's Daughter
  • Cornish Harvest
  • Stormy Waters
  • The Silent Shore
  • The Granite Cliffs
  • Against the Tide
  • The Tregenza Girls
  • Flowers for Miss Pengelly - New!!

Roman Whodunnits

Libertus Mysteries of Roman Britain

The series is set in Roman Britain in the period between 183 and 190 AD, when the increasingly unbalanced Emperor Commodus wore the Imperial Purple and ruled the Empire with a capricious hand. Libertus, the 'detective' in these stories, is a mosaicist - an expert in puzzles and patterns. more >>>>>>

  • The Germanicus Mosaic
  • Murder in the Forum
  • The Legatus Mystery
  • Enemies of the Empire
  • A Coin for the Ferryman
  • A Roman Ransom
  • The Ghosts of Glevum
  • The Chariots of Calyx
  • A Pattern of Blood
  • Death at Pompeia's Wedding
  • Requiem for a Slave
  • The Vestal Vanishes
  • A Whispering of Spies
  • Dark Omens
  • The Fateful Day
  • The Ides of June - New!!

Brenda Lacey books

Light romantic novels - available on Kindle
  • Moonlight over Malta
  • Sunshine on Spetse

Text Books and Teach Yourself

Teach Yourself

Writing a novel is an exciting goal. Of course it is not easy. Rosemary Aitken/Rowe's two books provide expert guidance. The latest, "Writing Crime Fiction" is about to be published in the Masterclass series more >>>>>>

English as a Foreign Language

Rosemary Aitken had twenty years experience in training teachers in English as a Foreign or Second Language, (sometimes called EFL or ESOL), and after winning a English Speaking Union prize for a paper on Teaching Listening Comprehension wrote a number of highly-acclaimed text-books in the field. more >>>>>>

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Literary Reviews

"The Girl from Penvarris" - ' superb novel. . . an enthralling Cornish saga'

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