(Rosemary Rowe)

Rosemary Aitken was born in Cornwall during the Second World War. She is the mother of two adult children and has two grandchildren living in New Zealand, where she lived for twenty years. She now lives in Gloucestershire, and owns a small holiday cottage by the sea in the Cornwall she loves.

Rosemary Aitken is a highly qualified academic, and has written more than half a dozen bestselling textbooks on English Language and communication. She has written fiction for many years under her married name. Her short stories have been published in a number of women's magazines including Bella, Women's Realm, and Chat. She has also written two prize-winning plays.

As 'Rosemary Aitken' she has now written six major Cornish novels, and another will follow soon. As 'Rosemary Rowe' she has written five Libertus mysteries, starting with the highly praised 'Germanicus Mosaic'